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We take pleasure to introduce Our Selves as Commercial Kitchen Consultants.


To brief you about our Activities, We are an organization equipped with Professionals from the field of Catering as well as from the engineering involved in planning of modern and efficient Commercial Kitchens.


Mentioned below are the details of our Scope of work.

  • We design and prepare the layout for the Kitchen to scale, Keeping in mind the total work load, material and manpower movement.
  • We design and specify the different areas such as Stores, Pre-Preparation, Hot Section, Wash-up and Service area.
  • We prepare the bill of quantities of the various equipment and installations with its size and capacities.
  • On Approval of the plan from your end, we
    • Provide specification for Individual equipment(Metal Specification, Size, Capacity, Structural, Design, Electrical Load etc.
    • Indicate Plumbing Points.
    • Indicate Electrical Points.
    • Indicate Gas Points.
    • Indicate Exhaust Points.

To enable us to prepare this layout, keeping in mind the smooth functioning during peak hours with optimum space utilization, we require the following:

  • Architectural floor plan to Scale indicating Columns, beams, windows, doors sewage points etc.
  • Menu i.e. Type of food you intend to serve.
  • Number of meals and its break up.
  • Fuel preference available i.e. Electricity, Gas, Steam etc.

Commercial & Industrial Kitchen Equipment, Refrigerated Equipment, Exhaust System

Trained as per FSSAI Guidelines on Advanced Level of Food Safety and Hygiene from EQUINOX LABS.